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For his new album, Wilkerson took things a little slower — and, in the process, got to work with one of his musical heroes.
— Chip Chandler / AGN
As the current single “Middle of the Night” came through the speakers of my truck, it gave me the first indication of what kind of talent I was in for. A deep baseline, and full harmonies on the chorus, it brought me back to the bands my parents played as I grew up, like Three Dog night and The Who, yet it had its own modern style to it. It immediately set the tone and I couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the album had in store.
— Chris Fox / Texas Music Pickers
As an artist making music in the state of Texas, there are names that are synonymous with talent, longevity and doing things right. One of those names is Walt Wilkins. Not only has Wilkins established himself as one of kind type of talent on the stage, but he has also proven to be a masterful producer and creator of albums for other artists. With names like Brandon Rhyder and Jason Eady amongst many other great talents, anyone setting out to make their debut album would be one lucky SOB to get Wilkins attached to that project… Enter Amarillo’s own Zac Wilkerson.
— Brandon Meyers / Galleywinter